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Wayne Valero with Clive Cussler holding up Wayne's newly
published "Collector's Guide To Clive Cussler", in 2000.


Books for sale from the Wayne Valero Estate

Please contact Sue Connelly if you want to make an offer on the books listed below. Let her know what books you are interested in and how much you want to pay. Sue will be taking bids on this listing. She will then pack and ship them for a nominal fee. Then the next set of books will be listed.

All books listed below are SIGNED FIRST EDITIONS (unless otherwise noted) from Wayne's personal collection.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Sue Connelly at: csue3@q.com


December 5, 2017
Clive Cussler books

Clive Cussler Large Print books, all signed           PHC=Permanent Hardbound

Medusa, PHC, qty 3, 2 double signed
Black Wind, qty 2, 1 Clive, 1 Clive-Dirk-Craig signed
Black Wind, Trade, 1Clive-Dirk, 1 Clive-Dirk-Craig signed
Lost City, Trade, Clive-Paul
Dark Watch, PHC, qty 2 double signed
Silent Sea, PHC, double signed
White Death, PHC, qty 2, double signed
Lost City, PHC, double signed
Trojan Odyssey, PHC 2 Clive-Craig,
Trojan Odyssey, Trade
Polar Shift, PHC double signed
Spartan Gold, PHC double signed
The Wrecker, PHC, Clive-Ronald, Clive signed
Treasure, PHC qty 2
Sea Hunters, PHC, multiple signatures
Golden Buddha, PHC
Golden Buddha
Sahara, Trade
Flood Tide, PHC, qty 2
Inca Gold, qty 4
Plague Ship, PHC, qty 2
Black Wind, PHC, qty 3
Fire Ice, PHC double signatures
Fire Ice
Treasure, qty 2
Cyclops, qty of 6
The Chase, PHC
The Chase, Trade, qty 3
Atlantis Found, PHC
Corsair, PHC, qty 2
Navigator, PHC, qty 3
Atlantis Found, qty 3
Night Probe, qty 4
Skeleton Coast, PHC, qty 3
Lost Empire
The Kingdom
The Thief
Arctic Drift, double signatures
Treasure of Kahn, qty 2
The Race
Serpent, PHC, double signatures
Serpent, Trade
Shock Wave
Valhalla Rising, PHC, 2 Trade, 3 regular

























The Grandmaster Fiction Writers Roundtable

The Grandmaster Fiction Writers Roundtable is something that the CCCS experimented with at the 2006 convention with some success.

The roundtable is designed to be an informal critique and discussion group. Space at the convention location will be provided for this continuing event. All levels of writers interested in the adventure genre are welcome and a limited number of participates will be accepted.

Prior to the convention, participants will submit a chapter or short story (adventure-related genre) and will be given copies of each others work beforehand. The roundtable will begin with the moderator determining the time available for the critique and discussion process of each chapter/story. Each writer will be asked to give a very brief overview of his/her submitted
writing, its history and thought-process. Each piece of writing will be read and discussed, followed by other roundtable writers giving a non-judgmental critique. Comments and suggestions on how that particular piece of writing might be improved for future use and publication will also be provided. This process will continue until all works have been presented and discussed. Non-participating observers may be present as space permits and (at the discretion of the moderator) take part in critiques and discussions.

For more information, contact Kerry Frey