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Clive Cussler Collector's Society
2020 marks our 16th consecutive convention!

With the cancellation of the Clive Cussler Collectors Society 2020 Denver convention in October because of the Corona Virus, we decided to keep the flame burning with a Virtual Convention Meeting. The CCCS will broadcast a Virtual (live online) Zoom Webinar convention meeting with the Authors and Special Guest Speakers. This event will take place on 10/10/2020 at (noon) 12:00 PM Denver time.

John Vinson (Master of Ceremonies) will open the Virtual Meeting and say a few words about the CCCS, it's conventions and a schedule of abbreviated events.

Tom Gwinn will give an invocation.

John Vinson will then introduce Robin Burcell who will host a Q&A panel with Co-Authors:

Paul Kemprecos
Graham Brown
Grant Blackwood
Boyd Morrison

Robin Burcell will introduce and interview Scott Brick. He will then read a couple of pages from Clive's Novel, Inca Gold.

We'll take a short break.

2020 Virtual Convention Drawing Giveaways

50th DOXA Book donated by the author Dr Peter McClean Millar. (John Schwartz - winner)

Pacific Vortex Cahill Limited Edition, signed. Donated by Bruce Kenfield. (Diane Kear - winner)

Golden Buddha ARC, signed. Donated by Bruce Kenfield. (Susan Nachtriebb - winner)

Mediterranean Caper To Black Wind, signed. Donated by Bruce Kenfield. (Dave Balmer - winner)

Collectors Guide To Clive Cussler, signed. Donated by Bruce Kenfield. (Charles Gambrill - winner)

John Vinson will introduce the rest of the speakers:

Jeff Edwards: "Clive"

Roland Dahlquist: "Roland With The Punches"

Ralph Wilbanks; "The Turtle"

Harry Pecorelli: "Just dropped in to say Hi"

John Vinson will then introduce Peter Greene:

Competition and Panel Director Peter Greene will then take the stage to introduce the finalists of the 2020 Adventure Writer's Competition:

The Measure of Ella by Toni Bird Jones

Intrepid Spirit by David Tunno

Wings Over Ghost Creek by A.W. Baldwin

Dirk Cussler will announce the winner

Winner: The Measure of Ella by Toni Bird Jones:
"I really didn't think I would win!" exclaimed Ms. Jones. In her acceptance speech she thanked her fellow finalists, Dirk and Dayna Cussler, the Clive Cussler Collector's Society and the AWC. "It is a
validation we all seek, and I am humbled."

Jeff Edwards, with remarks on the competition:
"Not only an amazing book, but what a great name! Toni Bird Jones. It doesn't get any better than that!"

Closing remarks by John Vinson.

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Q - Which novel does Dirk Pitt come to the aid of Maeve Fletcher to help save her sons?
A - Shock Wave.

Q - What was the first novel of the 'Oregon Files' novels?
A - Golden Buddha.

Q - What continent are you joining us from for this Virtual Convention?
A - North America, Europe.

Q - Whose plane did Dirk Pitt shoot down?
A - Admiral Sandecker.

Q - What does Dirk Pitt collect?
A - Antique cars and planes.

Q - Who in the main character of the NUMA Files novels?
A - Kurt Austin

Q - Who was the first person in charge of NUMA?
A - Admiral James Sandecker.

The Zoom Webinar lasted about 4 hours.

We need to give Irene Winterburn a special thanks for leading us into uncharted territory and making our first virtual event a success!

Dirk Cussler
Son of the best-selling author Clive Cussler, Dirk is the co-author of the Dirk Pitt series as well as being the namesake for the Pitt character. Dirk is the president of NUMA and a member of it's board of trustees.

Grant Blackwood
US Navy veteran, spent three years aboard a guided missile frigate as an Operations Specialist and Pilot Rescue Swimmer. Past CC coauthor for the Fargo Adventure Series.

Paul Kemprecos
#1 NYT Best-selling author, Paul coauthored with Clive on 8-novels in the "NUMA Files" series, 8-novels in his own Aristotle "Soc" Socarides series and 2-novels in his Matinicus "Matt" Hawkins series.

Peter Greene
In 2015, Peter took the helm as Competition and Panel Director of the Adventure Writer's Competition. Winner of the 2012 AWC Grandmaster Award with his novel "Skull Eye Island".

Graham Brown
A former pilot, lawyer and part of a startup health care firm, Graham is currently writing the "NUMA Files" with Clive Cussler. Graham has several novels on his own.

Robin Burcell
Award-winning author of the Kate Gillespie police procedural series, the Sydney Fitzpatrick thriller series, a Streets of San Francisco novel and is now writing the Fargo Adventures with Clive Cussler.

Roland Dahlquist
Illistrator for several Dirk Pitt/Clive Cussler Novels.

Boyd Morrison
Clive Cussler coauther for the Oregon Files.

Ralph Wilbanks
Led Clive Cussler's NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency ) team's discovery of the CSS Hunley sunken off the South Carolina coast. An Underwater Archaeologist with NUMA, Ralph is on their board of Directors and the owner of Diversified Wilbanks, Inc.

Jeff Edwards
Winner of the 2008 Adventure Writer's Competition Grandmaster Award with his novel "The Seventh Angel".

Scott Brick
The Audio Book voice of several Clive Cussler Novels.

Thomas Gwinn
Tom has attended all of our conventions and is well known for being at the LOUD table in the back of the room. Tom's expertise as an auctioneer has been instrumental in raising funds for the CCCS at our

John Vinson
John joined the CCCS Convention Team in April of 2016 as MC. His job also entails researching introduction material for the guest speakers, putting the convention program in order (with Shane Stratten) and making sure everything fits and runs smoothly.

Shane Stratten
Shane joined the CCCS Convention Team in April of 2016. His job includes contacting and lining up guest speakers to fill the time slots and getting a "blurb" for their presentations.

Walter Winterburn
Wally joined the CCCS Convention Team in April of 2016 and is in charge of the Clive Cussler Collectors Society Facebook page. Wally monitors the site keeping everyone in line and continually updating the site with new information about upcoming CCCS Conventions, new Cussler book releases and collectables.

The Clive Cussler Collector's Society Would Like To Thank The Following
People Who Made This Event Possible

Clive Cussler
Dirk Cussler
Teri Cussler
Dayna Cussler
John Vinson
Tom Gwinn
Robin Burcell
Paul Kemprecos
Graham Brown
Grant Blackwood
Boyd Morrison
Scott Brick
Roland Dahlquist
Ralph Wilbanks
Harry Pecorelli
Jeff Edwards
Peter Greene
Shane Stratton
Irene Winterburn
Walter Winterburn
Bruce Kenfield
Andy Scheer
Toni Bird Jones
David Tunno
A.W. Baldwin
Dr Peter McClean Millar

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